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  • E-Blast February 24, 2017

    • UPDATE: Request for SB Co. renewal energy Moratorium 


    Renewable Energy Moratorium Initiative Status UPDATE
    WHAT: Solar Moratorium Resolution postponed for Board of Supervisors meeting on Feb. 28
    The previous E-Blast announced that MBCA joined our Lucerne Valley conservation partners in support of the request for San Bernardino County to impose a moratorium on approving any new industrial-scale renewable Energy projects – with all current applications placed “on hold” - until the County’s Renewable Energy Element is approved and in place. 
    Future E-Blasts will notify you of how we can support the request for a renewable energy moratorium. Stay tuned!
    Sarah Kennington, MBCA President
    Your 2017 MBCA Board
    David Fick, Vice President
    Steve Bardwell, Treasurer    Marina West, Recording Secretary
    Pat Flanagan, Director         Meg Foley, Director             
    Ruth Rieman, Director          Seth Shteir, Director
    Claudia Sall, Events              Laraine Turk, Director
    MBCA advocates for a healthy desert environment
    that nurtures the region’s rural character, cultural wealth
    and economic well-being.
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  • Desert Sun Editorial on Eagle Crest Project

    The Desert Sun Editorial Board has published an opinion piece criticizing Governor Jerry Brown's request for federal assistance to develop the Eagle Crest pumping station project.  This is the "giant battery in the desert" hydroelectric project proposed for the Eagle Mountain Mine lands at the southeast border of Joshua Tree National Park.  The privately owned mine area was not included in the recent study recommending return of about 22,000 acres of nearby land back to the National Park.  Read the Desert Sun editorial to learn more about why the project is "not a wise use of precious desert water."  You can also read more about the Eagle Crest project by scanning past articles on MBCA's Water Issues page.
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  • MBCA Supports Hwy. 247 as California Scenic Highway

    330-sr247.gifOn Monday, February 20, MBCA President Sarah Kennington presented to Supervisor James Ramos a copy of MBCA's letter to San Bernardino County Director of Land Use Services Tom Hudson, reconfirming MBCA's support for Highway 247/Old Woman Springs Road as a California Scenic Highway.  Despite widespread support, the designation has been in limbo for 5 years.  Read MBCA's letter outlining our support and concerns.
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  • Cadiz, Inc. Project Commentary

    While MBCA and many other conservation advocates have spoken against the Cadiz Valley Water Conservation, Recovery and Storage Project, KCET recently published a commentary from Cadiz, Inc. in response to project criticisms.  
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  • 2017 Annual Meeting & Water Symposium Report

    At MBCA's 48th Annual Meeting on Saturday, January 28, members and supporters of MBCA heard a brief summary of MBCA's 2016 accomplishments and challenges, followed by an inspiring story of teaching high school students to appreciate the natural environment, ending with an information-rich panel presentation by local water officials.  

    Invasive saharan mustard decorates the MBCA information table.

    President Sarah Kennington opened the meeting with a summary of MBCA's 2016 actions and ongoing activities, then thanked and honored MBCA's steadfast volunteers, beginning with Volunteer Coordinator Cathy Zarakov, who was presented with an orchid.  As a small token of thanks, potted cactus plants were presented to our website guru Nora Lousignant and a group of frequent volunteers: LynAnne Felts, Pat Freter, Betsy Goza, Kathleen Lowndes, Norma Mackie, and Ann Murdy.  Their welcome efforts in making our meetings and events run smoothly are greatly appreciated!

    The Ruth Denison Environmental Conservation Scholarship was announced. The audience was encouraged to share the scholarship information with others to encourage current Morongo Basin high school seniors who are considering a career related to conservation or environmental work to apply.

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  • Eagle Mountain Meeting Follow-Up

    A number of MBCA members and supporters attended the January 18 meeting in Palm Desert in support of the process of transferring Eagle Mountain area lands back to Joshua Tree National Park.  
    Board member Seth Shteir, left, and President Sarah Kennington, extreme right
    Please consider writing a supporting comment letter by February 16, 2017.  Go to our Call to Action page for more details.
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  • Supporting our National Park

    In support of our treasured Joshua Tree National Park, MBCA has sent a letter to Senator Feinstein and Congressman Cook encouraging them to fund the backlog of maintenance needs across the National Park Service locations.  The letter points out the direct link between a healthy National Park and a healthy local economy.
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  • New Comment on California's Renewable Energy Planning

    MBCA continues to keep an eye on California's Renewable Energy planning process.  In this letter crafted by our Board member Pat Flanagan, MBCA comments on concerns with the current planning process that, among other things, overlooks the extent of dust pollution created by excessive large-scale renewable energy projects. 
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  • Cadiz Water Project Commentary

    Published on the KCET Redefine blog, Joshua Tree resident Sant Khalsa's commentary, "Opinion:  Water Project Would Hurt New National Monument" provides background and details on the current status of the ill-conceived Project.
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  • National Park Proposed Land Transfer

    The Department of the Interior recently announced the latest step in the process of adding about 20,000 acres to Joshua Tree National Park. The "Eagle Mountain Boundary Study began about two years ago and the current action moves another step toward final action. 

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