Marina D. West, Treasurer

marina_photo.jpgI’ve lived in the Morongo Basin since 2005, but have been a visitor since 1982.

The best things about living in Landers are the solitude, open space, and wildlife.  The community is severely disadvantaged, which means it can be taken advantage of.  This is why I believe those with the ability need to “keep watch” over broad issues of quality of life and a sensitivity to the needs of the environment.

My past community involvements include Sunday School Teacher - toddler & special needs (1995-2016), Active member, officer and Past President of the South Coast Geological Society (1998-Present), 10-yr. Registrar of Voters volunteer.

Present community involvements include MBCA Secretary (2014-present), Homestead Valley Park & Recreation (Landers) grounds maintenance volunteer, and Inland Geological Society Webmistress (2007-present).

What issues do you have passion for?
I am passionate about issues of water and stewardship of our communities (environmental sustainability and quality of life issues impacting the region).

There are two primary reasons why I am motivated to stay engaged as an MBCA Director.  First, the mission of the MBCA aligns with my being led towards engagement in discussions regarding the region’s environmental sustainability balanced with quality of life issues.  A very difficult challenge given the sheer number of people living on this planet.  More personally such efforts continue a legacy of environmental activism gifted me by my father who was further inspired by Rachel Carson and Aldo Leopold.  Second, MBCA provides a platform and a cross-section of creative, intellectual and committed individuals that together are able to impact a great number of conservation decisions affecting our region past, present and future.  I am proud that I am able to make meaningful contributions that help continue the long legacy of the MBCA.

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