Ruth Rieman, Director

ruth_photo.jpgWe have lived in Flamingo Heights since 1979.  Our home/studio affords the space and time for work and play. The uncluttered vast and distant sculptural views from the edge of Pipes Wash inspire taking responsibility for this special place.

I didn’t really identify with a community before coming to this place, even though I’d lived in the same city in OC most of my life. Here I see the impact one person can have. I see my own foot print on the landscape and take responsibility for it as so many others do. Today I’m happy to talk about and support the activities here in the Morongo Basin that maintain a healthy life style. I am a member of a team.

I am a past President of the Bighorn-Desert View Water Agency, the Copper Mountain College Foundation and the Joshua Tree National Park Association.  I served as the vice chair of the California Desert Coalition during the Stop Green Path campaign. Currently, I am a Director of the Morongo Basin Conservation Association and board member on the Joshua Tree Highlands Artist Residency. In 2012 my husband Steve and I received the Minerva Hoyt California Desert Conservation Award.

I’m passionate about; balancing responsible growth in the MB that sustains a quality of life for all species, bringing attention to and protection for the Mojave Desert as a luxury the world cannot afford to lose and making the Morongo Basin an example for sustainable community living.

Working with goal oriented, team player volunteers fuels my energy for working within MBCA. Seeing and hearing young artists from all over the world be inspired by this landscape and our communities lets me know the efforts are all worth it.

Special Note:  As a speaker at the Black Rock Symposium at Copper Mountain College on Friday, April 21, 2017, Ruth presented "Grassroots" as part of a panel on the topic of "Grass Roots Activism in the Morongo Basin."  Click to view Ruth's PowerPoint Presentation.

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