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Our Top Ten Tips for Successful Living in the Morongo Basin
  1. Plant Native  - for many reasons
  2. Go Solar  - as rooftop solar beats utility scale any day
  3. Protect Wildlife - avoid poisons, use live traps to capture
  4. Keep Night Skies Dark - the better to see the stars! Shield your outdoor lights. 
  5. Conserve Water - as there's a finite amount of it. Add rain barrels to your landscape. 
  6. Drive slowly - tortoises have the right of way & dust travels far
  7. Tread lightly - don't bust the crust of desert soil as it's alive. Stay on OHV or hiking routes.
  8. Shop local - support our local small town businesses 
  9. Keep quiet after 10 PM -  as noise travels 
  10. Respect Indigenous or Pioneer Relics - do not disturb Native American petroglyphs/Pioneer artifacts.

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