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November 2014

 Here is a brief summary of November issues and important meetings.

Celebrations of the 20th Anniversary of the California Desert Protection Act.
This is the big month of celebrations! 
Go to the CDPA website for all the details.
Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP)
Several dozen Morongo Basin residents attended the first DRECP Public Comment meeting in Victorville on October 29.  A second meeting in the desert has been added, in Joshua Tree, on Wednesday, November 19, at 5:30 PM in the Joshua Tree Community Center.  Please come and make your voice heard, urging the agency officials to increase the focus on distributed and rooftop renewable energy, and to place large-scale projects only on already disturbed lands.


Many Morongo Basin residents attended the Victorville DRECP meeting and most of them made public comments.


MBCA Treasurer Steve Bardwell and President Sarah Kennington discuss DRECP maps.


Alta Mira Gated Community Proposed Development
We are expecting to learn soon of the next County Planning Committee at which this project will be discussed.  Please go to MBCA’s page about Alta Mira to learn more and then send your own comments.



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commented 2014-09-10 20:11:48 -0700
The new website is looking good!
commented 2014-09-09 11:23:41 -0700
Hey that’s an idea – when the units don’t sell as homes the developers can repurpose the project as a prison! The good news that we heard at the MAC meeting last night is that the public comment period has been extended 30 days. More time for us to get the word out & let folks know how important it is to express opposition to County Planning. This project certainly warrants a CEQA report to avoid the great potential for unfortunate impacts to the landscape & community we love and work to protect!
commented 2014-09-09 10:56:05 -0700
Site looks great. Let’s beat back the Altamira Project, we don’t need something that looks like a Minimum Security Prison on paper.
commented 2014-09-05 10:42:00 -0700
Great to know you’re with us, Tom! Pat Flanagan gets many gold stars for the work she did researching Alta Mira. That should get a lot of folks in the Basin’s attention and hopefully plenty of response to County Planning demanding that housing project is rejected.
commented 2014-09-04 10:50:04 -0700
Thanks for all you do for our community!
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