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reflected_Joshua_Tree__Kevin_Wong.jpgMorongo Basin residents are among the most water-conscious residents in the County (and probably in the state). Every local water district has information on its web pages in support of water conservation.  California's drought has been in the news for years, and in March 2015 Governor Brown declared new restrictions.  In addition to tips for reducing household water use, each District has some kind of demonstration garden to show the water conservation value of using desert natives and other drought-tolerant plants to create beautiful gardens. 




Photo by Kevin Wong

Below are links to the local Water District websites:

Bighorn Desert View Water Agency

Hi Desert Water District

Joshua Basin Water District

Twentynine Palms Water District

The Mojave Water Agency is also a critical player in water acquisition for the Morongo Basin.

The Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms encourages water conservation on Base and provides this brochure describing its efforts and providing water conservation tips.


  • Cadiz Project Threatens Bonanza Spring - New Scientific Study

    A new peer-reviewed research study funded by the Mojave Desert Land Trust was published on April 13 in the Journal of Scientific Forensics.  The study concludes that the proposed Cadiz water-mining project would diminish the flow of water in the largest spring in the area - Bonanza Spring - and thus harm the viability of the flora and fauna that rely on it. The news release by the National Parks Conservation Association provides background and details, and KCDZ radio station's report includes a link to the Journal article.  The Desert Sun has also reported on the study.
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  • Update on Cadiz Water Project

    The San Gabriel Valley Water District, having been approached to be a customer of Cadiz, Inc.'s proposed water project, declined the opportunity at its Board meeting on Tuesday, March 21.  MBCA has been informing our supporters for several years about the likely harm that will be done to East Mojave ecosystems should the company's plan be completed.  This March 22 Desert Sun article describes the current situation and summarizes the history of the project.  This LA Weekly article that we shared last fall provides a comprehensive look at the Project's history.

    You can read MBCA's letter of March 20 to the Board of the San Gabriel Valley Water District, urging against ratification of a contract with the Cadiz Water Project.  

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  • Latest Update on Cadiz Water Project

    This October 31 article about Cadiz in the LA Weekly provides a history, an overview, and the current status of the Cadiz Water Project.  You'll also find quotations within it from many familiar local desert conservation stalwarts including Frazier Haney, Chris Clarke, Peter Brooks, and David Lamfrom.  You can read a number of past news posts about Cadiz on MBCA's Water Issues page.
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  • Cadiz: Federal OK, State Issue Unresolved

    News media have reported that federal authorization has been granted for the "Cadiz Valley Water Conservation, Recovery and Storage Project" (Cadiz Water Project), a Mojave-Desert-to-Orange-County water transmission plan. However, the California Lands Commission insists there must be a process of review and permission because of state lands crossed by the proposed pipeline.  MBCA and many desert supporters believe the project is based on unrealistic projections about the recovery of water in the desert aquifer, and that desert lands including special places in the Mojave Trails National Monument will be adversely affected.  News items explaining the situation can be found in the Los Angeles Times, the San Bernardino Sun, the Desert Sun, and on local radio KCDZ's website.  You can view previous stories and links about Cadiz on our Water Issues page.
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  • New Problem for Cadiz Water Project

    MBCA continues to oppose the Cadiz Water Project and we are glad to learn of a new development that brings another potential problem to their plan.  The National Parks Conservation Association published a Press Release today noting that the California State Lands Commission has found that the project's plan will require State review because the plan crosses State-owned land. You can read MBCA's prior news posts about Cadiz and other water issues on our Water Issues page
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  • Latest Effort Against Cadiz Water Project

    MBCA has signed on to a letter initiated by the National Parks Conservation Association in support of California Legislation (AB 1000 - Friedman - "Desert Groundwater Protection") that seeks to increase California's involvement in the Cadiz project by requiring "a state review process for potential groundwater extraction projects in the California desert."  Some alterations in the bill are expected during its consideration in order to prevent onerous state review requirements for local water district projects.  We will update you as this bill progresses. 

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  • LA Times Op-Ed on Cadiz by MBCA Speaker

    Peter_Brooks.jpgWe encourage you to read today's Los Angeles Times op-ed about the Cadiz water project, "The ludicrous plan to pump Mojave Water to L.A.". The author, Peter Brooks, has been a featured speaker at two of MBCA's Desert-Wise Lectures. His focus in September 2015 was "The Future of Water:  Understanding the Worlds's Most Precious Resource," and in September 2016 he presented "The future of energy and the grid for Morongo Basin" for MBCA.  His LA Times opinion piece will give you an overview and update about why MBCA and many conservation groups and desert residents oppose the Cadiz project. 

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  • Cadiz Water Project Moves a Step Forward

    An administrative move within BLM management at the federal level has reduced the obstacles still in place for the Cadiz Valley Water Conservation, Recovery and Storage Project that seeks to move water from desert aquifers to urban areas of southern California.  This April 5 story by our local radio station includes a map of the Cadiz location, and this LA Times article provides more details.
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  • Desert Sun Editorial on Eagle Crest Project

    The Desert Sun Editorial Board has published an opinion piece criticizing Governor Jerry Brown's request for federal assistance to develop the Eagle Crest pumping station project.  This is the "giant battery in the desert" hydroelectric project proposed for the Eagle Mountain Mine lands at the southeast border of Joshua Tree National Park.  The privately owned mine area was not included in the recent study recommending return of about 22,000 acres of nearby land back to the National Park.  Read the Desert Sun editorial to learn more about why the project is "not a wise use of precious desert water."  You can also read more about the Eagle Crest project by scanning past articles on MBCA's Water Issues page.
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  • Cadiz, Inc. Project Commentary

    While MBCA and many other conservation advocates have spoken against the Cadiz Valley Water Conservation, Recovery and Storage Project, KCET recently published a commentary from Cadiz, Inc. in response to project criticisms.  
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