End of Bobcat Trapping



August 5, 2015 - a Red-Letter Day!   MBCA along with thousands of supporters are celebrating the California Fish and Game Commission's vote to enact a statewide ban on bobcat trapping.  Many MBCA supporters wrote letters and the number of letters in support of the statewide ban was over 25,000, which certainly helped sway the vote.  Thank you!

Here are links to some of the articles describing the victory:

Hi Desert Star (Stacy Moore)

KCET ReWild (Chris Clarke)

Los Angeles Times (Louis Sahagun)

Sacramento Bee (Alexei Koseff)

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Project Bobcat: MBCA Supports Option 2

ON JULY 16, 2015MBCA sent the Commission a formal comment letter in support of Option 2 (statewide trapping ban) over Option 1, noting that if the Commission doesn't support a ban, they must add dozens of bobcat trapping buffer zones in protected areas around the state.  

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Project Bobcat Action Alert

ON JULY 8, 2015, Project Bobcat issued an Action Alert asking supporters to send one more round of letters in support of a statewide ban on bobcat trapping.  Additional evidence of support for a ban is needed because of an unexpected change in the membership of the Commission; two of the ban supporters have been replaced!  Please help by reading the Action Alert and acting on the request for comments if you can - by Friday, July 31, at Noon.

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Project Bobcat Background

Here is a summary report of the most recent Commission meeting on June 11 in Sacramento (from the Project Bobcat Facebook page), which was attended by a number of Morongo Basin residents:

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The Beginnings of Project Bobcat

"Project Bobcat" began in SUMMER 2013.  This local citizen's group sought to legislatively end the trapping of these iconic and treasured animals around Joshua Tree National Park. MBCA sent a letter of support to the Governor in SEPTEMBER 2013. Those early efforts not only resulted in bobcat protection legislation, but continuing efforts in 2014 and 2015 expanded to pursue a total statewide ban on bobcat trapping.  MBCA's JANUARY 2015 letter on this issue (sent to California Fish and Wildlife Services) explains the issues and goals of this ongoing campaign.  In a subsequent letter about the bobcat trapping issue, sent JUNE 8, 2015, MBCA supported a statewide ban on bobcat trapping.

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