Countywide Plan Public Comment Controversy

MBCA emailed San Bernardino County's Countywide Plan Coordinator Jerry Blum on September 4, 2020, expressing concern and dismay about the short timeline for public comment preparation before the Countywide Plan's appearance on the agenda of the Planning Commission on September 17. There had been only limited public messaging about the "finalized documents" and the scheduled meeting. The County's website announcement includes links to the hundreds of pages of documents. Here are four emails that explain our concerns and include the County's response. You can find additional background on our County Plan page including MBCA's previous comments since the process began in 2014.
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Letter: Comments on Environmental Justice in Countywide Plan

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MBCA Joins Coalition Requesting I-15 Wildlife Crossings

MBCA has joined a coalition of 25 non-profit organizations requesting that wildlife over-passes and under-passes be constructed as part of the XpressWest High Speed Rail Project planned for Victor Valley to Las Vegas. The letter to CalTrans, which is the agency contracting with the developer for right of way across the I-15 median, explains the need and notes related legislation in both Congress and the California Legislature.
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Letter: Emails between MBCA and County on Public Comment Concerns

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Letter: Group, Requests I-15 Wildlife Crossing

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California Fish & Game Commission Continues Joshua Tree Listing to September

The California Fish and Game Commission this afternoon agreed to continue the vote on the western Joshua Tree threatened listing to September on a 4-0 vote with one recusal. More information will be forthcoming.
There were many MBCA supporters, other desert residents and also residents from all over California and Nevada who appreciate the Joshua tree who made comments in favor of the listing over 7 hours. Over 70 of about 90 public comments were in favor. There were eloquent statements even though limited to 1 minute. We'll report with more details in a few days and will post a link to the almost-7-hour meeting when it is available.  
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EBlast August 3, 2020

  • Desert Wise Living Landscape Desert Tour 2020 goes virtual!
  • Petition to list yucca brevifolia as a threatened species
  • Opposition to Eagle Crest pumped storage project
  • Reject nomination of William Pendley to head BLM Daggett Solar Energy project update
  • Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease in the Morongo Basin
  • Complete the 2020 Census
  • Support MBCA through Amazon Smile
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More News on the Proposed Joshua Tree Listing

This Los Angeles Times article highlights and summarizes the conflict locally and at the state level about listing the Joshua Tree as a threatened species in California. Assemblymember Chad Mayes is reported to have filed a "hastily crafted emergency bill" to make it easier to "take" threatened or endangered species when economic development or infrastructure is at issue.
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MBCA Joins Broad Coalition Opposing Eagle Crest Pumped Storage Project

MBCA is one of 27 diverse non-profit groups opposing any further consideration of the Eagle Crest Pumped Storage Project in this June 23rd letter to Governor Newsom and the co-chairs of the recently created Task Force on Business and Jobs Recovery. Following three failed legislative efforts to seek bailout and authorization for its proposed Eagle Crest Pumped Storage Project, Next Era is now seeking consideration from the Task Force. Attached to the Coalition letter is a similar request signed by the California Municipal Utilities Association, Southern California Public Power Authority, and Northern California Power Agency. Prior coalition letters of opposition to this project signed by MBCA in April and May are also included in the document.
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Letter: Group, Oppose Next Era's Eagle Crest Project Bailout

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