Native Plants

Native plants are important to sustain the healthy desert environment that is at the heart of MBCA's conservation mission. At the landscape level it is important to preserve the desert's iconic native plants such as the Joshua tree, but also to nurture native plants in our desert home environments.

News Updates below provide information about recent threats to the desert's native plants, including the Joshua tree and the Dudleya ("liveforever"), pictured below. 
Dudleya photo by Laraine Turk

Learn more about choosing, planting, and nurturing native plants at home through these resources:

Check your local water district website for helpful links.

View MBCA's 2020 Virtual Desert-Wise Landscape Tour to see and hear the experience of local residents in emphasizing native plants in their gardens and landscape.

City of Palm Desert Landscape Maintenance Guide (includes but not exclusively related to natives)

Chris Clarke's KCET article The Joshua Tree: Myth, Mutualism and Survival.
Shop for native plants via businesses featured on our Native Plants Nurseries page
See All Native Plants

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