Climate Change

snowy landscape shows fallen Joshua tree, photo by Casey Kiernan
Photo by Casey Kiernan


The California deserts merit increased public attention and investment. The desert region is home to the largest still-intact ecosystem in the lower 48 states. Tourism has skyrocketed in our area. But as the desert lands have increased in popularity, they in turn require attention so that we may work towards conservation land acquisition, restoration and management, and education to preserve these invaluable resources from ongoing threats related to climate change. Climate modeling has predicted that the California desert region is on the frontline of climate change, getting hotter and drier each year. 

The Fourth California Climate Change Assessment published in August 2018 provides a science-based wealth of information about trends and likely future effects of climate change. Begun in 2006, the fourth assessment provides local governments information on which to base local climate change adaptations. There are regional and topic-focused reports as well as a statewide overview. The Inland Deserts Region Report holds the most pertinent information for the Morongo Basin and surrounding desert communities.

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