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Photo by Alexandra Hicks

You often read about “wildlife corridors” in MBCA’s emails, comment letters, and resource materials. We have relied on the work of South Coast Wildlands ( for our understanding of these corridors or "linkages."  SCWildlands is a non-profit organization “dedicated to ensuring functional habitat connectivity across diverse wildland networks.” Their mission is “… to protect and restore systems of connected wildlands that support native wildlife and the ecosystems upon which they rely.


Roadrunner portrait by Alexandra Hicks
Photo by Alexandra Hicks

The research performed by SCWildlands is a key element of the Morongo Basin Conservation Priorities Map.  SCWildlands prepared a well-researched “Linkage Design” for important native species in the Morongo Basin area, showing habitat appropriate for the movement of the Basin’s native species.  Following is a description of their research:


The Linkage Design for the Joshua Tree - Twentynine Palms Connection encompasses basin and range topography with an impressive array of geological formations and broad alluvial fans or bajadas. It includes several major swaths of habitat to accommodate diverse species and ecosystem functions. The two areas targeted to be served by the linkage, Joshua Tree National Park and the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC) at Twentynine Palms, support a great diversity of species. Joshua Tree provides habitat for more than 250 resident and migratory birds, 52 mammals, 44 reptiles, 3 amphibians, and more than 700 vascular plant species, while MCAGCC supports nearly 400 plant species and more than 250 vertebrate wildlife species.


Special Desert Species 

Desert Tortoise


tortoise_in_yard2.jpegRead a May 2017 update from the Los Angeles Times on the status of desert tortoises in Joshua Tree National ParkA July 2015 article in The Desert Sun describes a tortoise research study occurring in the southeastern part of Joshua Tree National Park and provides an overview of concerns including the effects of climate change. Basic Facts about Desert Tortoises is available from Defenders of Wildlife (




Don't Feed the Wildlife!

Thanks to local resident and KCET writer Chris Clarke for this poster.


Unique Desert Animals of Morongo Basin

Enjoy these informative essays on several unique desert animals of our Morongo Basin.  They were written by MBCA Director Pat Flanagan, who prepared them for the 29 Palms Inn to share with visitors who want to better understand the unusual creatures that they might find in our desert.
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