Eblast July 5, 2021

  • Support California Rooftop Solar
  • Support AB 1183 for California Desert Conservation
  • Yellow Pine Solar is Devastating Desert Tortoise
  • Eagle Mountain pumped storage-again!
  • Cadiz water harvesting-again!
  • 2021 Virtual Landscape Tour is Live!

Support California Rooftop Solar
While AB 1139 was defeated, the three California Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs) managed to persuade the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) on June 24 to pass a draft resolution that effectively does what AB 1139 intended; to discourage the creation of a distributed electrical generation system through the broad adoption of roof-top solar. The IOUs favor the use of utility scale solar that is too-often placed in inappropriate areas far from the ultimate point of use of the power generated at the expense of the ecosystem (see the Yellow Pine item below). In early 2022 the CPUC will consider the adoption of Net Energy Metering (NEM) 3.0 to replace the existing NEM 2.0. The gist of the draft resolution is the adoption of an Avoided Cost Calculator (ACC) that would drastically reduce consumer credit for rooftop generated electricity. Let your voice be heard in support of rooftop solar by signing this petition to Governor Gavin Newsome asking him to support the use of rooftop solar for the benefit of users and the environment.

Support AB 1183 for California Desert Conservation
AB 1183 will be heard by the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee on July 8th. MBCA has been asked by our conservation partners at the Mojave Desert Land Trust to spread the word on this critical piece of legislation pending in the legislature. Please sign this petition asking that the California Desert Conservation program be established.

Yellow Pine Solar is Devastating Desert Tortoise
MBCA signed on to comments in opposition to this now under-construction inappropriately sited project. Our conservation partner, Basin and Range Watch, is raising the alarm over the effects of relocating Desert Tortoise during the severe drought we are experiencing. This project, located in western Nevada is but one of a string of projects that would severely damage the existing desert ecosystem. It is heartbreaking to see the effects of the construction of this massive utility scale development. As stated above, by discouraging rooftop solar, utility companies have a green-light to rely upon this type of massive and destructive development.

Eagle Mountain pumped storage-again!
MBCA has signed onto yet another letter in opposition to the Eagle Mountain pumped storage project. This project would utilize billions of gallons of precious water pumped from the desert aquifer to fill the abandoned Eagle Mountain mine excavations. In the midst of the current severe drought, this makes no sense and would serve only to benefit NextEra, the developer of this project.

Cadiz water harvesting-again!
In their latest attempt to mine the aquifer at the expense of the desert ecosystem, the Cadiz corporation has purchased an unused pipeline for the purpose of exporting water from the desert to the southern San Joaquin Valley.  

2021 Virtual Landscape Tour is Live!
Be sure to check out the outstanding videos of our 2021 Desert-Wise Landscape Tour! See how these homeowners are choosing to live in harmony and in support of our special high-desert desert.

As this newsletter illustrates, there are seemingly unending threats and challenges to the desert for which we advocate. Make your voice heard, and let it be fierce!

Steve Bardwell
Your MBCA Board:

Steve Bardwell, President
David Fick, Vice President
Laraine Turk, Secretary
Cathy Zarakov, Treasurer  
Pat Flanagan, Director

Brian Hammer, Director
Janet Johnston, Director
Sarah Kennington, Director
Arch McCulloch, Director
Ruth Rieman, Director

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  • Steve Bardwell
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