EBlast May 29, 2019

  • Stop Eagle Crest Energy: NO on SB 772
  • Paradise Valley Development Threatens Joshua Tree National Park
  • Stop Cadiz: Support SB-307
  • Desert-Wise Living Essay Contest

Stop Eagle Crest Energy: NO on SB 772
Surrounded by Joshua Tree National Park, the existing pits of the now abandoned Eagle Mountain Mine are proposed to be re-purposed into a pumped-hydro long-term bulk energy storage facility. With precious water pumped from the underlying aquifer, the Eagle Crest Energy project would be paid for by us: the ratepayers. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) found that long-term bulk energy storage, as defined by SB-772, would increase costs for ratepayers “in the hundreds of millions, if not, billions of dollars”!

This week we have an opportunity to stop SB-772, which would force ratepayers to bail out Eagle Crest Energy’s ill-conceived, expensive, environmentally damaging pumped storage project. Bill proponents have until this Friday to pass the legislation from the State Senate. We urge local desert residents to call Senator Shannon Grove's office in Sacramento -- (916) 651-4016 -- and leave a message urging her to vote NO on Senate Bill 772. While the environmental damage from this project would be great, we urge callers to emphasize the hundreds of millions of dollars that ratepayers will be forced to pay to bail-out a failed project.

Paradise Valley Development Threatens Joshua Tree National Park
On May 15, the Riverside County Planning Commission voted to continue consideration of this grossly inappropriate development to June 5 at which time a date will be set for what is believed will be the final hearing by the Commission. A strong showing by the southern California environmental community presented many strong comments in opposition. Many demanded that a Joint Project Review, as required under the Coachella Valley Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan (CVMSHCP) be required as a condition of any approval to proceed. Our voices may have contributed to this Editorial in The Desert Sun.

Stop Cadiz: Support SB-307
Good news! The State Senate Appropriations Committee has voted to send this legislation to the entire Senate where it will be voted on later in this legislative session. Should the bill pass the Senate, it will then go to the Assembly for a vote and if passed, will go to the Governor for signing. SB-307 (Roth) would prohibit the use of a water conveyance facility to transfer water from a groundwater basin underlying desert lands unless the State Lands Commission, in consultation with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Department of Water Resources finds that the transfer will not adversely affect the natural or cultural resources of the land. This bill would subject the controversial Cadiz water project to the desperately needed environmental review it has so far evaded.

Desert-Wise Living Essay Contest
Winners of our Essay contest are: Claudia Bucher first place, Jeff Jens, second place, and Cindy Von Halle third place. Thanks to all who submitted for sharing your experiences with the tour. We will have the winning essays on our website shortly. Many thanks to all of the sponsors, hosts and volunteers who made the ninth Desert Wise Landscape tour a success especially to Cactus Mart in Morongo Valley, and Unique Nursery in Yucca Valley for the generous gift certificates.

Our voices do matter! Thanks to all of you who speak and act in defense of our beautiful desert!


Steve Bardwell President
Morongo Basin Conservation Association

Your 2019 MBCA Board 

Steve Bardwell, President                          Pat Flanagan, Director       
David Fick, Vice President                         Meg Foley, Director
Laraine Turk, Recording Secretary            Mike Lipsitz, Director
Marina West, Treasurer                             Ruth Rieman, Director
Sarah Kennington, Past President            Seth Shteir, Director


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