Minerva Hoyt Award Event for Pat Flanagan

With dozens of family, friends, and conservation colleagues on hand, MBCA Director Pat Flanagan was presented with the 14th Minvera Hoyt Conservation Award in a ceremony at the Twentynine Palms Inn on Wednesday, May 8. Pat was honored for her decades of service to preserve the health of the Mojave Desert and its communities. MBCA members and supporters know her for the brilliant and detailed science-based public comment letters she prepares on behalf of MBCA to educate decision-makers on the problematic effects of many development projects. Here are a few photos from the event (photo quality isn't great but we thought you'd enjoy Pat's expressions on receiving her special gift!). 

On the Mojave Watch news site, you can click on a href="https://www.mojavewatch.org/news/naturalist-pat-flanagan-receives-the-minerva-hoyt-conservation-award">YouTube video of the entire 2017 Minerva Hoyt Award Ceremony honoring Pat Flanagan.  It is about 33 minutes long.  Here’s a schedule of the sections within the video:
  • From 0:00 to 8:30, Emcee Jacqueline Guevara welcomes the gathering and introduces representatives of various conservation groups present.
  • From 8:30 to 14:10, Mark Lundquist, representing Supervisor James Ramos, presents a number of awards and gifts to Pat.
  • From 14:10 to 23:24, Pat speaks about some of her favorite desert issues and thanks everyone for coming.
  • From 23:24 to 32:38, Joshua Tree National Park Superintendent David Smith hosts introduces governmental representatives with certificates honoring Pat.
Mark Lundquist, Field Representative for Supervisor James Ramos, presented Pat with the Minerva Hoyt Award and a bag of gifts. She also received commendations from numerous regional government representatives. 

The next 3 photos show Pat receiving the surprise gift of her very own Purple Air sensor. In her recent research Pat has elaborated on the damages to human health caused by dangerous particulates blown into desert areas on existing "sand transport paths" due to scraping of land related to solar development. She has encouraged use of residential air quality monitors like this Purple Air sensor to alert air quality management regulators of this growing problem. She was clearly excited to now have her own sensor!

MBCA is so very grateful for Pat's contributions to MBCA and many other organizations, helping to accomplish improvements to life in the Morongo Basin and the Mojave Desert.  

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