Planning Commission Meeting Including Short Term Rental Code

This virtual San Bernardino County Planning Commission meeting includes (#4 on the Agenda) a presentation by Land Use Services of a Development Code Amendment to add and amend various regulations related to Short-Term Residential Rentals, followed by a public hearing on the topic. Here is the staff presentation. The link to the virtual meeting is available near the top of the Agenda. You may also view the meeting at either the Bob Burke Government Center in Joshua Tree (63665 Twentynine Palms Highway) or the Jerry Lewis High Desert Government Center in Hesperia (15900 Smoke Tree Street).
February 03, 2022 at 9:00am - 12pm

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  • Robyn Lewis
    My name is Robyn Lewis I have lived in this community for over 17 yrs . I have literally watched it change over nite . I have had several friends displaced even some living in there cars . All because one more owner of a house or a person company ect that doesn’t live here turns the house into a Airbnb. We have to put a stop to this if we care about are community and people that live in it . It can’t be all about greed , there has to be a limit and stop neighborhoods turning into all Airbnbs . The traffic has increased the trash and I can’t imagine the water we are using . California is suppose to in a drought . I am lucky that I bought are house a long time ago but in are neighborhood there’s a number of Airbnbs so far I am lucky that we haven’t had any problems . Anyway as a concerned citizen of Joshua Tree I am deeply concerned for the people that live here . Everyday there’s another story about another family being kicked out because of another Airbnb going on . Thank you for your time Robyn Lewis 760-969-3394
  • Laraine Turk
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