Status of San Bernardino County Light Trespass Ordinance

Several MBCA Directors were involved in creating and delivering a presentation to the San Bernardino County Planning Commission on behalf of the Third District Dark Skies Committee on May 27, 2021. This YouTube link contains the Committee's presentation. (We are seeking access to video of the entire workshop and will post here if/when available.) The Committee in collaboration with Code Enforcement Chief Andy Wingert (now deceased) created the Draft Light Trespass Ordinance under consideration. The Ordinance was introduced to the Planning Commission by Land Use Services staff on February 4, 2021.

The Commissioners had many questions and concerns after the February staff presentation, and were not ready to vote on a recommendation to the Supervisors for adoption, so requested an informational Workshop. The purpose of the Workshop presentation was to foster awareness and educate the Commissioners, LUS, and the public on the issue of light trespass, and to address questions about the proposed replacement Light Trespass Ordinance. LUS staff worked with the Third District Committee to prepare the Workshop. This MBCA summary of the Workshop includes all the links listed below.

Land Use Services presentation at the Workshop
Third District Committee's Power Point presentation (in PDF format)
Comments supporting the Ordinance by Pat Flanagan, Paul Smith, and Laraine Turk
Chart comparing the current and proposed ordinances

And, most important, the email address for sending your comments in support of the Light Trespass Ordinance by June 18:  [email protected]

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