Cadiz Valley Water Project

Cadiz Valley Water Conservation, Recovery and Storage Project

Despite its name, this project is perceived by many to be a "water grab" that will harm the desert in the name of profit.  The Cadiz Project "is designed to capture and conserve billions of gallons of renewable native groundwater flowing beneath ourproperty in  California’s Mojave Desert that is currently being lost to evaporation and salt contamination at nearby dry lakes."  The proponents state that the water would be recovered through seasonal rains, but a number of studies by other researchers counter that finding.  MBCA sent a lengthy letter of concern to the Mojave Water Agency regarding the project.  San Bernardino County enabled this project to go forward.  Lawsuits were filed but dismissed in May 2014, as explained in this article.  In May 2015, an appeal was filed.  

June 2016 - read KCET writer Emily Green's critical commentary about the Cadiz Project. 

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