MBCA Joins Opposition to Yellow-Pine Solar Project

The proposed Yellow-Pine Solar Project is another large-scale project inappropriately sited on BLM land in the Mojave Desert, and being fast-tracked without consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic and with many other flawed rationales. MBCA has joined six other concerned organizations to send a fact-filled document refuting the validity of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement. Among the statements in the letter supported with references and illustrations are these:
  • The Purpose and Need are Faulty.
  • The Proposed Action, Alternative, and Environmental Consequences Analysis Is Inadequate.
  • More Alternatives, Alternative Locations, and Distributed Generation Alternatives Need To Be Analyzed.
  • No Mitigation Measures Are Provided For Significant Impacts To The Environment.
  • Rare Plants Will Be Harmed.
  • Eagles May Be Impacted.
  • Burrowing Owls Will Be Significantly Impacted. 

Details can be found in the
Yellow-Pine Solar Project letter signed by MBCA, Basin and Range Watch, Western Watersheds Project, Sierra Club California and Nevada Desert Committee, Desert Survivors, and Shoshone Village.

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