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Plant Spotlight: Creosote

There is not a more perfect landscaping shrub for our Morongo Basin yards than the ubiquitous creosote bush, Larrea tridentataNative and very common throughout the Basin, creosote is not fussy about soil and can be trimmed into a specimen topiary or into a hedge/windbreak. With regular water it becomes denser. 
Small yellow flowers cover the plant in the spring. 
Amazingly, the creosote can be trained into a small tree, as shown at a home in 29 Palms (pictured below). It's green coloring is a nice contrast to the greys and greens of the shrub Texas Ranger.
Note that the 3-11 foot shrub is slow to medium growing. The creosote bush releases its aromatic oils and fills the air with a delightful smell during rains.


Creosote bush can be purchased at local nurseries and yearly native plant sales. Or wait awhile -- one or more may volunteer in your landscape -- free of charge! 

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