Plant Spotlight: Rosemary

Rosemary (Rosemary spp.) is native to the dry, rocky areas of the Mediterranean, yet it performs so well in our climate that we consider it a "desert-wise" plant and worthy of the spotlight.
There are two basic rosemary types: upright forms useful as shrubs or hedging, and prostrate types that will spill down slopes and cascade over walls. Once rosemary is established, occasional deep watering is almost all it needs. You can help bees get through the winter by planting rosemary, as it is a late winter bloomer.
photo of rosemary plant
Upright rosemary in Pioneertown, CA. Photo by Stacy Doolittle
Rosemary grows in full sun in the hi-desert. In all zones of the Morongo Basin rosemary is a reliable evergreen perennial, and once established, is immune to foraging wildlife. 

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  • Stacy Doolittle
  • Stacy Doolittle