San Bernardino County Provides a Short Term Rental Map

San Bernardino County now provides an online Short Term Rental Map for viewing permitted short-term rentals (STRs) in unincorporated areas of the County. While permitted and well-managed STRs provide income for local residents and businesses, the effects on quality of life due to the escalating number of such properties that are unpermitted and/or not well-managed have been increasing. 
Even more detrimental to quality of life in many areas of the Morongo Basin, the STR proliferation has greatly reduced affordable rentals for locals. MBCA recently commented on this in our letter about the County's General Plan Housing Element. The map website also notes: "To report an unpermitted property, please call the Mountain and Desert Region Short Term Residential Rental 24/7 Complaint Line at (800) 205-9417."  

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  • Laraine Turk
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